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Radio stations in Grooteeylandt, Northern Territory, Australia

Here are all the local community and commercial radio stations that are receivable in Grooteeylandt:

Community Radio Stations

3MGB - Groote Eylandt Broadcasting

Band: FM
Frequency: 96.3 MHz

3MGB is a local community radio station that broadcasts a variety of programs, including local news, weather, sports, and music.

Commercial Radio Stations

Triple M

Band: FM
Frequency: 102.5 MHz

Triple M is a commercial radio station that broadcasts rock music and sports news.

Nova 937

Band: FM
Frequency: 93.7 MHz

Nova 937 is a commercial radio station that broadcasts pop music and entertainment news.

ABC Radio National

Band: AM
Frequency: 1062 kHz

ABC Radio National is a national public radio station that broadcasts news, current affairs, and cultural programs.


Band: AM
Frequency: 882 kHz

6PR is a commercial talk radio station that broadcasts news, current affairs, and talk shows.

Hot Tomato

Band: FM
Frequency: 88.1 MHz

Hot Tomato is a commercial radio station that broadcasts a mix of pop and rock music, as well as local news and events.

Radio in Grooteeylandt

Overall, there are several radio stations that can be received in Grooteeylandt, catering to a variety of interests and preferences. Local community radio station 3MGB is a great source of local news and events, while commercial radio stations such as Triple M and Nova 937 provide entertainment and sports news. National public radio station ABC Radio National and commercial talk radio station 6PR offer current affairs and talk shows. Finally, commercial radio station Hot Tomato offers a mix of music and local news and events.

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